Funerals direct with simple cremation and low cost

  • UK coverage
  • No mileage charges
  • Dignified service

Funerals direct with simple cremation and low cost - from £595

Jackson Family Funeral Directors are an independent, family owned and awarding winning funeral directors with specialist experience in offering low-cost, non-attended direct cremations in Funerals direct with simple cremation and low cost. With coverage across the England & Wales, our national funerals direct are non-attended cremation services, that aim to reduce the price of a funeral, but allow you to remember your loved one in your own way.

Our Directors

Funerals direct with a simple cremation at Jackson Family Funeral Directors, are both professional and respectful. Our costs are transparent with no hidden extras, giving you the peace of mind that you will always know what your direct cremation will cost from the start.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a direct cremation, so we are always available when you need us most. Plus, our funerals direct have national coverage, with zero travel costs to ensure a rapid response, anywhere in the country.

As we have over 100 years’ combined funeral service experience, in contrast to many funerals direct providers, we will always deliver exceptional customer service, whilst keeping costs low. This means should there be an issue with paperwork, or you need specific expertise in difficult cases, we are here for full support.

We understand that the passing of a loved one is always difficult, no matter what the circumstances. That is why you will have the same dedicated funeral director throughout the arrangements of your direct cremation.

As Jackson Family Funeral Directors are an independent, family-owned and run business, it’s our privilege to offer you a dignified, low cost, no hassle funeral, with the utmost respect for your loved one.

Our funerals direct in Funerals direct with simple cremation and low cost are simple, cost-effective, with the fastest response times and include the following funeral director’s fees from £595:

  • Advice, arrangements and administration by telephone, online meeting or email only
  • Care of deceased – limited preparation which includes a simple washing, facial setting including eye caps and mouth suture plus dressed in a gown only
  • Cortege and route consists of a private ambulance direct to the crematorium
  • Funeral team – two bearers
  • Welfare support – client welfare support included. Pass client details to Tim and make a formal introduction
  • Carbon offsetting – via the planting of a tree in one of e-trees worldwide planting projects
  • Online memorial page
  • An eco fibre board coffin

With funeral director’s fees from only £595 for a respectful, simple direct cremation in Funerals direct with simple cremation and low cost.

Additional, flexible options for your funerals direct service:

  • Bring the deceased into care at time of death e.g. home, nursing home, hospice.
  • Additional Safety Measures – Oversize coffin and additional staff to handle safely.
  • Non-Covid-19 Highly Infectious Safety – HIV, Hepatitis etc.
  • Priority delivery of ashes – any unscheduled delivery route e.g. specific date or request for before 28 days.
  • Ashes to be left at crematorium for an unattended scattering in the Garden of Rest.
  • Attended scattering.
  • Use of Jackson Chapel for a service up to 5 people (this will increase with social distancing instructions), with funeral director to lead a short service.
  • Use of Chapel with restrictions above with a minister/celebrant.