• A direct cremation funeral is a funeral service with no attendance, in essence, it has none of the traditional elements of a funeral but just simply a pure cremation service.

  • Not at all. A direct cremation service has become a very popular form of funeral and is widely accepted by many people in the country. There are many different reasons to request a direct cremation service whether it be your loved one’s request to have the simplest and cheapest option (our managing director will be opting for this option when his time comes). It could be that your family are spread nationally or internationally and will take time to get everyone together, this service allows the practicalities of a funeral to be cared for, allowing you to arrange a personal farewell at a time to suit you without pressure. If the reason is purely financial, call us and discuss other options, you would be amazed how we can arrange something personal and unique at low costs without affecting your loved one’s dignity.

  • As we are based in Worcestershire we can cover all parts of England & Wales. Our own team attend every location so you can be safe in the knowledge that your loved on is cared for by professionally trained funeral operatives.

  • If the death occurs in a hospital then they will be cared for in the mortuary until necessary paperwork has been completed to allow us to bring them into our care. Where there is no mortuary facility such as at a home address or care home then we will respond immediately regardless of whether we are travelling locally or hundreds of miles. Our team will give you an estimated arrival time but please make sure you have not rushed yourselves to say your goodbyes before we bring them away from home.

  • An unattended direct cremation would take place at our local crematorium in Worcester. This is a strict non-attendance but we do also offer a modern, attended service and also the full traditional style services, please see www.jacksonfamilyfunerals.com

    We can use any crematorium in the country should you wish for us to attend a local crematorium to you. Please do be aware that there would be additional cost for the crematorium and also additional travel.

  • We can be contacted any time 24/7. All calls are answered by our own team, based in one of our funeral homes. This means that you will receive a personal service from start to finish and not just become a customer dealt with by a call centre.

    All our team are trained to discuss funeral options and advise you on the next steps. If your loved one passes away out of hours please call us as soon as you wish us to attend, we do not believe in additional charges depending on times you need us, we are not a 9-5 company.

  • Of course we can. We focus on making sure you feel comfortable and supported by us, if you do not feel you are receiving this from another company then we can take over. It would be usual for the original funeral director to charge you for the services they have already provided you. We can arrange their payment by us and add it to our invoice just to make it easier for you?

  • We never ask for immediate payment as we are more focused on your loved one’s initial care and that you are happy with us. We would send an invoice prior to the cremation date and do ask for an upfront payment. We are aware some situations will not allow this to happen, all we ask is that you are honest with us from the start and we can advice you of financial help available for a funeral. It is important to us that everyone receives a dignified funeral.

  • In the past 12 months there has been an influx of new direct cremation providers. These tend to either be a single person operation with little to no experience or a large company operating from a call centre, usually your loved one would be cared for in a warehouse unit and it is questionable if the care provided is suitable and ethical.

    We are different as we are a family-owned funeral directors. The company was founded by Matthew Jackson a fully qualified funeral director, joined by his wife Laura and experienced funeral director Mark. All mortuary are fully equipped to the highest standards. We are not interested in being the biggest provider of direct cremations, we care about being the most supportive and personal funeral directors offering a direct cremation funeral service.

  • We will can you notified of every step from bringing your loved one into our care, discussing dates of the service and also the return of the ashes. Usually the cremation would take place within 14 days but this can be affected by registration and doctors paperwork, any involvement by the Coroner and the crematorium’s availability. Your loved one’s ashes will be collected by us within a couple of days and the courier service would be arranged, you will be given the tracking number and details of the courier. If you have opted for hand delivery of ashes then we will call you to arrange our attendance.

  • Each and every person we care for has a uniquely sized coffin for them, we use a variety of coffins from our local manufacturer and it is common to use a coffin that has a slight mark on it meaning it is unable to be used an attended service. These marks mean it is available at a lesser price. Most direct cremations use this style of coffin from their manufacturers, HOWEVER we believe you should be aware of this, showing that we do not hide things from you. Coffins cannot be reused as they are instrumental in the cremation process. The solid structure of a coffin ensures safety when entering the cremator and also helps fuel the cremation process meaning less gas is used and keeps the environmental impact down.